Workforce Training and Other Programs

Lean Overview for Management and Workforce

This course can act as a Lean Enterprise training session that will help to implement the Lean Enterprise system in the workplace, or as a “refresher” course for a business that needs help maintaining the Lean strategy in business.

Value Stream Mapping Overview and Integration

Value Stream Mapping enables one to visually capture the steps in a process that increase the value of a product as it flows from one step to another. This workplace analysis helps implementation of the Lean Enterprise System.

5S Training

Kaizen Training and Facilitation

Eliminating Waste Through Lean Enterprise

Part of the Lean Enterprise System, BEC can use the Value Stream map to eliminate waste in the workplace and improve productivity.

Organization Development and Cellular Design

Another segment of a Lean Enterprise Implementation plan includes streamlining the production process. BES can help increase productivity by streamlining the manufacturing process.

Set-Up Reduction (a.k.a. SMED)

Another step in streamling the production process, this analysis and training program reduces equipment downtime–also known as Single MInute Exchange of Dies (SMED).

Six Sigma Implementation

Six Sigma is a manufacturing philosophy that helps companies reduce the number of defects and variations that their manufacturing processes produce.

Process Mistake-Proofing (a.k.a. “Poka Yoke”)

Mistake-proofing helps eliminate waste (in the form of time, material, etc.), and is an integral part of the Lean Enterprise System.

Project Management 101

Project Management 101 courses help get your entire organization “on the same page” during a major company transition. These classes can also help jumpstart your latest project.

Full Project Management Course

This two-day program has similar goals to the Project Management 101 course, but it goes into greater depth on some subjects.

Leadership 101

Help your management become better leaders by increasing employee morale and productivity with simple environmental and personal adjustments.

How to Become a Government Contractor

A course on selling your product to the federal government.

Marketing to Air Force Logistics Centers

SBA 504 Loan Process

Business Plan Preparation

Financing Your Small Business

Strategic Planning Process