Services Provided by Balanced Enterprise Solutions

Operations Improvement Programs

Lean Enterprise ImplemenationBES can provide Lean implementation training as a refresher to organizations that want to get back on track with their lean implementation, or to help an organization begin their transformation into a lean enterprise. Various methods of training, both in the classroom and in hands-on settings are used to reinforce the key principles of Lean Enterprise.
Six Sigma TrainingThe core of the Six Sigma methodology is a data-driven, systematic approach to problem solving that focuses on customer impact and product quality. An acceptable Six Sigma project can be started with only rudimentary statistical tools. The widely accepted definition of a Six Sigma process is one that produces 3.4 defective parts per million opportunities.
Kaizen TrainingKaizen is a method of improving business operations that rests at the core of the Lean Enterprise system. Balanced Enterprise Solutions introduces Kaizen to your business, and then teaches business management how to ensure Kaizen becomes standard protocol in the workplace. Kaizen methodology includes making changes and looking at the results, then adjusting further.
 5S Workforce Training

5S is a workplace organization method that puts a work area in order and sustains that order, so that any waste can continue to be identified and eliminated. 5S is short for the words: Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.

Other Business Services

 Strategic Sales Management

BES uses relationships, knowledge, and a proven methodology for growing top-line sales. BES has years of experience with new product introduction dealing in specific industries that may diversify a companies’ products or targeted markets. Aerospace, defense and government contracts are specialties of BES.
Marketing Literature SetupBES will assist your marketing team in producing marketing documents and literature, including brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.
Business Financial Planning

BES has experienced financial business personnel with MBA’s and industry experience to cut through the fog of your organizations financial challenges provide data-based solutions. Drawing on experience evaluating both large and small businesses in multiple industries, BES assesses the organization’s financial performance, needs, and potential.
Plant Layout and Relocation

The experienced BES team will ensure your plant relocation needs are met with a solution that exceeds your schedule and budgetary requirements. The BES methodology means a well-planned move that reduces your down time with faster equipment up-time. Our team’s turnkey service is extremely versatile, and can overcome almost any obstacle. BES brings experienced professionals together to get the job done right.
Project ManagementBES Project Managers communicate project status to your team and provide accountability to keep complex projects on task. Use BES Project Managers to meet cost and schedule objectives for your critical projects – large or small.
 Workforce Training & Other ProgramsBES will use one of our existing workforce training programs, or we will tailor a custom training program to meet your specific needs.