Project Management Services

BES Project Managers communicate project status to your team and provide accountability to keep complex projects on task. Use BES Project Managers to meet cost and schedule objectives for your critical projects – large or small.

A strong project plan and project manager will reduce your overall risk and the impact it can have on Cost, Quality, and On-time completion. BES team members have managed multi-million dollar projects ranging from plant start-ups and relocations to new product introductions and production line start-ups across multiple sites and in multiple industries.

The BES team becomes integrated with your team to support or lead a project. The elements of the project are tracked using MS Project or similar software and communicated to stakeholders, management, and employees to ensure that everyone knows the plan and can accomplish their required piece of the plan. Formal toll gates are established at critical junctures of the project which ensures a clear status of project progress.

BES coordinates with outside vendors as necessary to ensure services, products, and people are available when needed to complete a project on time and within budget. Changes to the project are also tracked and often times BES teams assist in the solution to minimize the impact of those changes. BES team members have assisted clients with projects as short as a week up to projects lasting more than 6 months.

When your complex project has the potential to significantly impact your organization, contact BES to let us provide you with an overview of our solution to managing your project. Contact us for more information.