Plant Layout, Relocation, and Expansion Services

The experienced BES team will ensure your plant relocation needs are met with a solution that exceeds your schedule and budgetary requirements. The BES methodology means a well-planned move that reduces your down time with faster equipment up-time. Our team’s turnkey service is extremely versatile, and can overcome almost any obstacle.


BES brings experienced professionals together to get the job done right.


BES Offers the Following Services


  • Transportation of all equipment
  • Domestic / international transfer
  • Turnkey documentation (pre- and post-move)
  • Long- or short-term storage
  • Reinstallation
  • Fabrication of special equipment
  • Equipment purchase
  • New equipment integration
  • Procurement / contract administration
  • Plant engineering services
  • Tagging documentation
  • Plant layout / cellular design
  • Documentation of all move details
  • Certification – local, national, or international
  • Pre- or Post-move cleaning
  • Painting of plant or equipment
  • Equipment Refurbishment
  • Excess material and scrap removal


Advantages to Using BES

Budget Control

You know the final project cost up front, and you don’t have to depend upon multiple contractors and companies or worry about delays and project cost increases. BES controls the project from beginning to end.

Project Management

By Using BES plant relocation services, your move and plant relocation will be handled from the early planning stages to completion by our experienced team. Our associates have handled small projects (production cells) as well as larger projects (complete facility construction), moves across town, across the country, and even moves that cross borders. The project timetable minimizes equipment down time and utilizes space at the new site, all by incorporating Lean Enterprise and Cellular Layout into the design. All elements of the relocation process are included in the project plan, which is produced using MS Project. Several meetings with the client will also be conducted throughout the project to avoid surprises.

Installation / Integration

We will prepare the facility to receive the equipment, set and level the machinery and make all connections. The BES team will also coordinate any new or special requirements for the facility such as power, plumbing additions or modifications, and other infrastructure changes. These requirements will be integrated into our detailed project plan which includes facility preparation as a key element of the process.


By using one company to complete the project, your downtime is minimized, as is the move’s impact on your customers. Our skilled tradesmen are able to move and install multi-load plants within the client’s schedule constraints.

Our Staff

Our experienced staff has years of military logistics and planning experience as well as over 35 years combined commercial industrial experience. Our riggers and skilled tradesmen have an average experience of 10+ years.

Access to Equipment

We have the equipment to successfully complete any project. Forklifts, specialized cranes, and an oversized gantry system are all part of our arsenal, supplemented by a fleet of trucks and long-haul carriers for multi-week moves. Our access to this equipment helps us get the job done quickly and efficiently.

High Safety Standards

BES is committed to the safety of our employees, our customers, and their equipment and facilities.

We have a documented safety program policy. We perform pre-employment drug testing as well as random testing to ensure the safety of our employees, your employees, and your equipment. We train to do the job right the first time, every time. Additionally, each project is managed within the context of safety to meet industry and governmental standards.

Short Notice Relocations

Did someone else drop the ball? If they forgot to plan ahead or did not get the right equipment, tradesmen, or if they just quit, then BES can help complete the project.