About Balanced Enterprise Solutions

Balanced Enterprise Solutions, LLC (BES) was founded in 2005 by partners, Bill Neely and Don Mulder. The goal was to provide consulting and technical assistance services to companies in search of outside assistance to meet their performance goals. In 2008, Don took a majority interest in the business and began to add other partners as a means to expand the expertise of Balanced Enterprise Solutions and its offerings to clients. Bill Neely remains a trusted business associate and advisor to the company. The addition of Senior Partners Jim Hook and Bill Ryckbost has meant new opportunities for Balanced Enterprise Solutions as it continues to grow. Their extensive manufacturing and management experience in diverse industries and roles fits into the Balanced Enterprise Solutions culture of customer service in a variety of means.

The Partners along with their seasoned multifunctional team have US and international experience in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, furniture, steel, consumer goods, electronic assembly, power generation, and distribution systems. This experience ranges from the shop floor to division executive level. They also have government procurement experience as program and contract managers. The words “balance” and “enterprise” in the firm’s name are intended to convey an approach that addresses revenue growth opportunities, as well as improvement in the management of operations, facility, suppliers, and customers. Balanced Enterprise Solutions approach avoids the “drive- by” initiatives undertaken by many managers seeking to improve their company’s performance over the short term.